Please Read through this before commissioning me! 


-Will take 2-8 weeks (Unless otherwise stated)

-Pay full amount upfront

-Paypal or Credit/Debit accepted

-Please provide some sort of visual reference (Reference sheet, other commissioned art, etc)

-Major changes can only be made during the sketch, only minor changes can be made in later stages

-Detailed characters may have an additional cost

-Transparent or simple colored background is free, detailed backgrounds at an extra cost (to be decided based on complexity) 

-Max 3 characters per image

-Additional characters are +3/4 original price 

-No refunds unless there is a problem on my side (lack of time, technical difficulties, etc)

-Please provide references for facial expression, pose, or any other information I might need

-Personal Use only (unless discussed, commercial rates vary)

-Not to be used/sold as any type of NFT 

I can refuse any commission if I don't think I can draw it with my full potential or if I am not comfortable with it

 [Illustration Extra Info]

-Price Range ($80+)

- Price dependent on complexity

-Ask about split payment options (over $150)


Possible Extra Costs:

-Complex Designs




-Creation of character design

-Action Poses

What I will draw:

-Any gender


-Fanart (characters from shows/books/etc.)

-Real People (from picture reference)

-Moderate Gore

What I will not draw:

-Replicate other styles 




-Heavy Perspective

-Offensive Imagery 


Simple                        Illustration



- Clean sketch 

- Fully Colored 

- Best for if you are on a budget 



- Fully shaded 

- Able to add a simple background 

- Most popular option



- Dramatic lighting and fully shaded 

- Able to add a simple or detailed background

- Best for complicated poses, detailed characters, and          backgrounds